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Bronze Package

This is our basic package and suitable for HTML based websites without databases. We think it is the minimum needed to have complete peace of mind that your website is being properly looked after by professionals that care.


Unlimited bandwidth
Many website hosts put a monthly limit on bandwidth usage and when you go over that limit you have to pay for each mb you are over your allowance. This can be very expensive. We impose no monthly bandwidth limits. However, there are some limits for CPU usage to ensure that your site is not overloaded with users 'hogging' the server. However for the vast majority of sites, this is not a problem.

(Please note this package is not suitable for uploadable content sites or chatroom sites)

Up to 5,000MB storage
This is an extremely generous amount and far more than most businesses will ever need. If more is needed it can be arranged.

Full Monthly Backup
The entire website is fully backed up both online and offline. This is done once a month and sometimes more frequently, if a major website alteration has occurred. Many business owners do not realise that websites do go wrong and for a whole host of reasons (server software upgrades can cause problems, links stop working etc.) We have excellent online and offline backup procedures should we need to use them to resolve a website malfunction. Not having a recent backup is just plain silly.

Disaster Recovery
If the site goes down for any reason, we will make all reasonable efforts to fix it completely free of charge, even if it takes several hours worth of work. Please note that some situations may simply be beyond our control e.g. the server software not compatible with the current website. In these very unusual situations, we will handle all communications with the suppliers/providers and take all reasonable steps to resolve the issue on your behalf, even if it ultimately means changing providers. Please note in the cases we have had to resort to disaster recovery, we have a 100% success record and the longest it has taken to get the site fully working was 4 hours!

Annual Site Review
We review your site and if we have any ideas which we think will enhance your site, then we will suggest these improvements/ features, extra pages etc. This is actually very important so that your website does not go 'stale'.

(Minimum 12 month contract renewed annually.)


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